Bonner Leaders: 2019

Charisse Balem
Major: Business Administration

My name is Charisse Balem! I was born in Charlotte and raised in Concord, NC. My major is Marketing and I am interested in global and social media marketing. At my community partner, I work under the Director of Marketing and Communications. My career goals are to develop my networking and communication skills as well as get leadership experience. Volunteering and addressing important issues are both very important to me and I love how the Bonner Leaders program connects me to those things. I think that going out and serving the community is a great way to develop character and an understanding of your social environment; don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. My interests include art, music, language, and sociology! My favorite character is Spiderman. 🙂

Taylor Bridgeforth
Major: Biology

We’re excited to have Taylor join the UNC Charlotte Bonner Leaders program!

Orrann Dillard
Major: Business Administration

We’re excited to have Orrann join the UNC Charlotte Bonner Leaders program!

Amir Fleurizard
Major: Computer Science – Software, Systems, and Networks

We’re excited to have Amir join the UNC Charlotte Bonner Leaders program!

Jacob Garcia Sanchez
Major: Electrical Engineering

Hello, my name is Jacob Sanchez, I’m currently working towards my bachelors in electrical engineering and a minor in business. My hometown is Winston-Salem, North Carolina. I am part of the 2019 cohort and am expected to graduate in the year 2023. My partnership this year is with Camino Community Center where I assist with the acceptance of new patients into the clinic and work with the food pantry. In the future I have hopes of being a business owner alongside my job as an electrical engineer. The Bonners program can help me reach these goals by opening doors and presenting opportunities to grow in my leadership abilities. I chose to join this program because the community involvement that I obtain from this partnership can be very beneficial in helping me grow as a person. I am interested in looking into other community partners to expand my understanding of what goes on around in my community. What opportunities do you look forward to and why?

Nataly Hernandez Montes
Major: Anthropology

We’re excited to have Nataly join the UNC Charlotte Bonner Leaders program!

Amori Smith
Major: Architecture

We’re excited to have Amori join the UNC Charlotte Bonner Leaders program!

Kaylani Wilson
Major: Biology

Lani is a biology major with a double minor in sociology and mathematics from Buffalo, NY and Midland, NC. She plans to open a new fashion boutique and pursue a career in medicine as a primary care physician. Lani is currently partnered with Central Cabarrus High School working as a teacher assistant. She works with two freshman-level teachers assisting with organization, grading, and course materials. Aside from the Bonner Leader program. Lani is also a member of Ignite, UTOP’19 participant, a certified nurse aide, and works part-time at Tommy Hilfiger. She also has an interest in photography, travel, shopping, music, and sleeping during her free time.