Bonner Leaders: 2016

A'lishia Bowman
Major: Public Health

Community Partner: Southeast Asian Coalition (SEAC)

About A’lishia’s Placement: A’lishia’s placement is at the Southeast Asian Coalition (SEAC). The youth of this program are predominately African American and Southeast Asian in middle and high school. At SEAC, A’lishia manages the youth internal and external work. This includes youth databases, permission slip forms, membership packets, and etc. In addition, A’lishia helps lead the internship program that is provided for the youth.

My personal interests: Member of Alpha Kappa Psi Professional Business Fraternity, love to travel to new places, take pictures, passionate about giving back to the community, and enjoy spending time with family and friends.

Krystina Culley
Major: Accounting & Finance w/ Minor in International Mgmt and Urban Youth & Communities

Community Partner: Friendship Gardens- Friendship Trays

About Krystina: I am a double major in Accounting and Finance with a double minor in Urban Youth and Communities and International Management. I am currently partnered with Friendship Trays in Charlotte, NC. I write financial grants for Friendship Trays to provide funding for the healthy meals that Friendship Trays provides. My service has allowed Friendship Trays to receive a total of $30,000 to provide meals for our community. Bonner Leaders allowed me the opportunity to help an organization in a way that I never thought was possible. I was able to use my knowledge of finances to contribute to my greater Charlotte community. After graduating, I plan to obtain my graduate degree and a law degree in pursuit of being a tax attorney.

Candis Hoskins
Major: Biology and Spanish, Minor in Urban Youth and Communities

Community Partner: Discovery Place

About Candis: Candis works at the Discovery Place Science museum in the Live Care Department. She has built on her Bonner experience at Discovery Place by participating in the Charlotte Community Scholars research program in the Summer of 2018. The question that she answered was “How do visitors’ feelings of animal conservation change after watching an animal exhibit at Discovery Place?” She is currently becoming more familiar with the animals at the museum through the enrichment program and plans to continue her research in which she won third place in her category: Biomedical Sciences, Natural Science, and Public Health. Candis is interested in animals and is the current president of the Pre-Veterinary Club. She is a member of the University Honors program and is a 2018-2019 SAFE mentor. She also has an interest in photography and Spanish language and culture.

Arielle Little
Major: Psychology with a concentration in Cognitive Science

Community Partner: Camino Community Center

Favorite Quote: “There is an infinite amount of blessings in your life, you are worth the time that it takes to carefully count them.” -Unknown

Neariah Mandisa-Drummond
Major: Communications Studies and Spanish

Community Partner: Discovery Place

About Neariah: Neariah works at the Discovery Place Education Building in the Marketing Office. As an intern, she supports the Chief Marketing Officer, Social Media Manager, Digital Marketing Manager, and Associate Manager of Promotional Marketing. Her responsibilities include editing and writing content for the websites of the four museums, uploading events to the Charlotte Culture Guide, monitoring reviews through Yext and creating monthly reports, etc. Additionally, Neariah is interested in travel and learning about other cultures. She is a member of the Global Engagement Scholars Program and a participant in the Fall 2018 Women’s Leadership Development program. She also has an interest in technical theatre.

Randolph Paul
Major: Finance

Community Partner: Informative Technologies Inc.

About Randolph: Randolph’s placement is at the tech company Informative Technologies. At Informative Technologies, they enable participating nonprofits to end the digital divide among their constituents by providing access to affordable computers while creating a new revenue stream for their organization. His responsibilities include demonstrating and providing information on promoted products and services, using lectures, films, charts, and slide shows, and distributing product samples, brochures, flyers etc. to source new sales opportunities. As an intern, he helped organize a program that that explained entrepreneurial skills, programming basics, and open source software for Freedom Schools and Intech’s summer camp. Outside of his placement Randolph enjoys playing ping pong and hanging out with friends and family. He is part of the National Association of Black Accountants and chess club on campus.

Brittany Walker
Major: Biology and Psychology, Minor in Urban Youth and Communities

Community Partner: Atrium Health

About Brittany: Brittany works at Atrium Health in the Emergency Department, and the Medical/Surgical floor. In the Emergency Department, she works with various staff members ranging from MDs, RNs, and HCTs where she helps them with their daily tasks. These tasks range from showing patients to their rooms in the ED, restocking patient rooms, and directing patients to the correct stations. On the Medical/Surgical 5th floor, she works with RNs and HCTs with their daily tasks as well. These tasks range from answering patient call bells, restocking patient supplies, and working with the nurse manager.

Brittany is a pre-med student interested in learning various ways to aid in the patient care process. Aside from the Bonner Leaders program, Brittany is also a member of Wellness Ambassadors and American Medical Students Association, where she helps educate students on various health topics. She also has an interest in music, food, and traveling that she takes part in during her free time.

Guadelupe Zambrano-Munoz
Major: Biology

Community Partner: Care Ring

About Guadelupe: I’m currently partnered with Care Ring community clinic and have been getting to know more about their Physicians Reach Out program, which helps those with no health insurance see doctors and specialists at a reduced cost (sometimes no cost.) Started off as part of the renewal team and got to know the requirements but now that I am more knowledgeable about the program I am able to help out with new patient enrollment. Outside of work at Care Ring, I am the current Vice President of Lambda Theta Alpha, Latin Sorority Inc. I’m interested in pursuing medical school or graduate school after completing undergrad. I enjoy road trips, food, and binge-watching Netflix.